Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment

Products Application  
DENOL-ETP-10 Slurry & sludge setteling agent. Download
Scale Preventive and water softening agent.
Scale removing agent in Boiler, PHE, cooling towers, pipelines,condensers etc.
DENOL-1203 Elgee & Becteria remover in water tanks & swimming pools. Download
DENOL-8 Acid PH neutralizer. Download
DENOL-830 Alkaline PH neutralizer. Download
DENOL-SCP Oxygen scavenger. Download
DENOL- PBX Oxygen scavenger. Download
DENOL-ETP A polyelectrolytic chemicals use for setteling unwanted impurites in ETP plant. Download
  • In india Premature failure of flexible pavements that constitute more than 90% of total road network is a widespread problem.
  • Acid slurry's purity plays major & important role in your soap & detergent quality.
  • Automobile is basic need of 21st century, So it is essential to keep them healthy & Shine always.
  • Hospital cleaning is essential since its is related to germs & bacteria which are the source of every deseases.