Automobile Chemicals

Automobile Cleaner

Products Application  
SEMOL-M- 30 (vehicles) Use for washing of buses, cars & other vehicles. Download
SEMOL-M- 33 Use for car wash shampoo. Download
SEMOL-M- 35 Use for removing paints of vehicles. Download
SEMOL-M- 36 Car polish for shine. Download
D-COOLANT Best coolant for vehicles. Download
  • In india Premature failure of flexible pavements that constitute more than 90% of total road network is a widespread problem.
  • Acid slurry's purity plays major & important role in your soap & detergent quality.
  • Automobile is basic need of 21st century, So it is essential to keep them healthy & Shine always.
  • Hospital cleaning is essential since its is related to germs & bacteria which are the source of every deseases.