Textile Chemicals

Textile chemical products range from highly specialized chemicals such as Yarn Lubricants, Warp sizes , Desizing agents, Bleaching agents , Surfactants , Printing auxiliaries , Brightening agents , Finishing agents , Coating , Etc to relatively simple commodity chemicals but essential for textile Industries .
Singhvi chemicals & Marbles provides you a world class textile chemicals from which you can get better performance & high quality finished yarn , fabrics and garments .

Mining Chemicals

Singhvi chemicals & Marbles helps the mining industry meet complex metallurgical, economic, safety and environmental challenges. Wherever you are, we can help you to find new and better ways to achieve optimum productivity. We leads the industry in providing cutting-edge solutions to metal, industrial mineral & ores processing challenges, to improve grades & recovery of metal & non metal . Singhvi chemicals & Marbles is committed to the guiding principle of progress through technology, driving its business to develop innovations relentlessly focused on maximizing return on your mining investment.

Water treatment Chemicals

Singhvi chemicals & Marbles has the expertise to help you to reduce operating cost , increase efficiency and protect your valuable equipment from waterside problem so that your plant operation should be smooth energy efficient with low maintenance cost.

Singhvi chemicals & Marbles is a single point source for product , technologies and services for water treatment and all managed by a group of leading professionals , technologies , engineers . Utilizing the latest technology , applying proven engineering processes and leveraging from a strong network of international and domestic resources . we provide a wealth of experience and expertise to water treatment industries.

Soap & Detergent Chemicals

We established the first Acid slurry (DDBSA & LABSA) automatic plant in Rajasthan . since 1976 we are giving our best to soap & detergent Industries . Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) - Soft Acid Slurry or Do Decyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (DDBSA) – Hard Acid Slurry is main Raw Material for Synthetic Detergent industries in the formulation of Washing Powder, Detergent Powder, Detergent Cake, Liquid Soap, Cleaning Powder, Scouring Bar, Oil Soaps etc.
Singhvi chemicals & Marbles provides other auxiliaries for soap & Detergent industries , which enhance properties of soap & Detergent & give better quality Product.

Tyre & Rubber Chemicals

Singhvi chemicals & Marbles manufacture a diverse and extensive line of anti-tack agents, designed to reduce adhesion between rubber surfaces. Our chemicals are in liquid form which is used in Tyre & Rubber Industries We also produced cleaning chemicals which is useful in Tyre & Rubber Industries .

Cleaning Chemicals

Singhvi chemicals & Marbles manufacture Hospital, industrial and household cleaning chemicals for every type of cleaning . All our products are made with the best raw materials. Our experts are continuously working on new development for cleaning chemicals . we serve best quality cleaning chemicals which will create healthy & pleasant atmosphere surrounding by you We are Offering liquid soaps, floor cleaners, detergent powder, stain removers, dish wash, hand wash, liquid fabric wash, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, sanitizers and polishes. We are manufacturers Of High Quality Cleaning chemicals used in hotels, hospitals, house keeping companies & Industries.

Construction Chemicals

We firmly believe that our construction chemicals help in making the structure durable and intact for many more years . singhvi chemicals speciality chemicals division manufactures a staggering array construction chemicals such as Admixture , Grouts, Waterproofing , Epoxy flooring , Floor Hardeners , Tiles Adhesives , Sealants , and repairs compounds . which offers comprehensive solution to various construction related problem . In the quest to cater to every need of our customer. Singhvi chemicals & Marbles is also the pioneer of bitumen products which is use in roads & highways. Around the world, Antistripping agents are used to enhance the performance and durability of Bituminous pavements, hence increase life of road & highways.

Singhvi chemicals & Marbles developed a unique product for cutting of hard granite & marbles .A substitute of Kerosene & additive for water, so you can get economical gain & problem free Plant . We also produced slurry settling agent which is better than any other product in market .Gives Instant result & provides you clear water in few minutes.

Automobile Chemicals

At Singhvi chemicals & Marbles we can supply an extensive range of automotive cleaning chemicals, automotive wax, and paint protection and Eco friendly products, All our automotive valeting supplies for the professional automotive valeter and private automotive owner alike are made using the very best technology available. Our products include automotive wax, car wash shampoo, toilet cleaner, shower cleaner , acrylic glass cleaner, coolant, radiator cleaner and many more ranges, will give you extra life & standard to your valuable asset .

  • In india Premature failure of flexible pavements that constitute more than 90% of total road network is a widespread problem.
  • Acid slurry's purity plays major & important role in your soap & detergent quality.
  • Automobile is basic need of 21st century, So it is essential to keep them healthy & Shine always.
  • Hospital cleaning is essential since its is related to germs & bacteria which are the source of every deseases.