A Singhvi chemicals & Marble is a leader in producing and marketing of Concept Driven Chemicals and industrial chemicals for the every industry. Our greatest asset is our employees.

We value our people and the contributions they make. We encourage and promote our core values, strive to develop every employee's leadership potential, create a culture in which learning becomes a strategic advantage, offer superior rewards, incentives and recognition for superior performance, and attract, nurture and retain extraordinary talent.

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"Singhvi chemicals & Marbles is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer, and are committed to hiring a diverse and talented workforce"

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  • In india Premature failure of flexible pavements that constitute more than 90% of total road network is a widespread problem.
  • Acid slurry's purity plays major & important role in your soap & detergent quality.
  • Automobile is basic need of 21st century, So it is essential to keep them healthy & Shine always.
  • Hospital cleaning is essential since its is related to germs & bacteria which are the source of every deseases.