Stone Cutting Chemicals

Products Application  


Use in cutting of all types of Granites, against kerosene, gives better and economic cutting with no fire and pollution, save cost of cutting. Download
Use of this increase production and segments life during cutting of marbles and cost saving.
Denol-98 Use as a cutting oil for granite. Download
Denol-CS-12 Use for softening of water. Download
Denol-FTP A setteling agent of Marble & granite slurry. Download
Descale-R-10 It removs scale from Blades of machines, pipelines and segments. Download
  • In india Premature failure of flexible pavements that constitute more than 90% of total road network is a widespread problem.
  • Acid slurry's purity plays major & important role in your soap & detergent quality.
  • Automobile is basic need of 21st century, So it is essential to keep them healthy & Shine always.
  • Hospital cleaning is essential since its is related to germs & bacteria which are the source of every deseases.